Episode 7 (final): Ella, Misha & Skye – Flatbreads & Kecap Manis Satay

Need to blast off some of your kids restless energy?? Try this 7 minutes workout with them!

Meet Ella (9), Misha (7) and Skye (9) – 3 fit and beautiful girls (a mum can be bias) sweating it out with me in the park with our 7 fairly easy exercises, where you workout for 45 seconds, and rest for 15 seconds later. The girls love the outdoors, stretching it out and doing cartwheels after!

Afterwards, watch them turn my kitchen inside out, upside down transforming flour into dough with Flatbreads (and Rosemary Garlic Butter) and squirmy chicken into Kecap Manis Satay! Listen to their valuable advice as they reflect on health! Click here for Kecap Manis Satay recipe and here for Easy Flatbreads.

Crikey! Who said filming with kids (especially your own) is going to be easy?! These children has minds of their own on what they wanna wear, say or do!! Definitely one of the toughest shows I have to shoot!

This 7th episode is also my final for this season. I hope you have enjoyed watching them, getting motivated with your own fitness and cooking adventures. Thank you so much for all your likes and subscriptions. Please leave feedback and let me know if you want to see more!!

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