About Me

Solo climb. At the top of Mt Fuji Aug 2015.

Hi everyone, my name is Steffles, a working mother of 2 gorgeous girls and wife of a very dedicated and supportive husband. We all know that the life of a working parent is extremely hectic, and friends are always asking how I juggle my work, my twin passions of cooking and fitness, and still have time to take care of my family. And that is one of the reasons I started this website and my various blogs, to help other busy moms and wives get their lives under control and also carve out big chunks of time for themselves.
My personal secret is time management! It is key when you feel like everyone needs a part of you, and yet you need to find time for yourself.

My mantra is “Get Your Sexy!” and you can read more about why and how that works in this website and on my blogs.


I am constantly surrounded by fit, beautiful (inside and out!) inspiring friends, especially Shaun T and his crew who really got me hooked on training 6 days a week with their Insanity videos. I go trail-running, swimming, indoor cycling (spinning), and do HIIT, kettle bells and weight-lifting in my regular routines. If that is not enough, I join races and trek mountains all over the world to keep my heart pumping. Since embarking on this journey and reaping the benefits physically, emotionally and mentally, I want to empower other mothers, and women to do the same. My entire family has benefited from my fitness and healthy lifestyle – which translates into the kind of food we eat and the type of exercises and holidays we take. Good workouts should be easy to follow, effective and calories blasting so every sweat and pant counts.
My philosophy is that although exercise is crucial, the key thing is that it is not a tiresome chore with the sole aim of losing weight. It is simply an important and yes FUN part of a healthy lifestyle which helps you feel healthier, stronger, have more energy in every part of your life. You can get informed and choose only the exercises that you enjoy. And as a bonus, once exercise becomes enjoyable it becomes habitual, and your body will change over time. On all of my channels I will be sharing a wide variety of exercise tips, working and collaborating with other fitness professionals.
A key part of getting your sexy is not just looking good. It is about feeling better, feeling less tired, more confident, more energetic and having more time for yourself!


Cooking and eating (and drinking) and entertaining friends and family are still my passion at heart, and the main driver behind my fitness regime. I believe in sustainability, sourcing locally and fresh produce when it comes to my food philosophy. I am going to be sharing with you delicious, quick and healthy recipes, with an Asian twist where possible, that will appeal to the whole family. The emphasis is easy recipes so everyone can start, cook and follow.

This blog, as controversial as its title name may suggest is about a Mum’s adventures with Fitness & Food (thank you for landing on my page accidental or not). Like me it is tongue in cheek, bold, and delicious. It’s about advocating women to love their body, whatever size or shape, to be mindful of what they eat and to have fun. It’s about asking mummies not to lose their individuality in their generous capacity as a mother. It’s about inspiring you, and empowering you with useful fitness and cooking tips to start your own journey. Get your sexy!!