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I am available for collaborative work, hosting, fitness or food consulting, cooking workshops, fitness reviews, fashion, food/ restaurant or recipe reviews, creating new recipes, curating fitness or food shows, food tours and writing.

My background is more than 12+ years of brand marketing from micro-processors to soft drinks. I am most known for being Miss 100PLUS (isotonic sports drink) where I gave it a new life, extended its brand offerings and grew its volume nearly 10 times. The 7-years itch hit me when I got bored of selling beverages. So I went into the lubrication business and got my hands dirty and oily with motorbikes in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippines for awhile. Took a short break before I decided I needed to be closer to the ground and the people. Got insanely addicted to closing deals by providing property consulting on sales and rentals in Singapore while I continue my manic fitness and food blog and YouTube channel.

Other credentials:

  • LesMills RPM Certificate (indoor cycling) 2015
  • Spinning(R) Certification (indoor cycling) 2016
  • Masterchef Asia 2015 wannabe

Hit me up for a chat, lets start by connecting via email.