Epi 6 Part 1: Darren 7 Core Workout

WARNING: ABS-LICIOUS HUNK ALERT. Get tissues or pail ready.

My next guest is no ordinary person, in fact, he is a superhero!! Meet Darren (IG @crazedmonkey.db), a corporate warrior, yoga & calisthenic enthusiast with a passion for music and recreational diving. Coupled with his talents, he is also a gentle soul with a kind heart (and lots of abs!!). What a catch!! 🙂

I know he sounds unbelievable and he is almost invincible, but Darren has a stomach (pun intended) for life that is full of hungry enthusiasm and this radiates throughout our filming. There’s never a challenge too big for him, and when you watch this show you will know what I mean. Darren shows us 7 Core Workout that we can do at home if you wish for abs like him, or maybe for the most of us, just a flatter tummy. All you will require is just a mat. And if you do each exercise for 45 secs, rest 15 secs, this would only take 7 minutes of your time. Double or triple the set daily and you will be on your way to a stronger core and lose some inches off your tummy!!

But every superhero has their nemesis, and for this hunk, its DESSERT. But before we venture into the kitchen next week, watch till the end to see how this Singaporean gentleman wowed me with his singing too!

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