Epi 5 Part 2: Snapper Thai Mango Salad

I love Asian food and spices and sometimes find clean eating and salads lacking in the flavours I am familiar with. So this dish, Snapper with Thai Mango Salad proves that we can straddle both the flavours and yet keep this meal sexy, fresh and low carbs. You can always alternate the use of palm sugar with honey or maple syrup or use less of the amount called for. However, the salty, sweet and sour taste of the dressing is in the balance of those ingredients. I am using locally caught snapper in this dish, once again showcasing a locally sustainable fish that’s tasty and value in money.
If you have a mandolin, the julienne work only takes a couple of minutes, so its a fairly easy meal to prep. For the fish, to make it even healthier you can also bake it. As we are using a makeshift kitchen, pan frying it in coconut oil was the choice here.

Once again, my Charlie Angel companions Angelica @2Bfit.sg and Zaffy pow wowed through the simple recipe with ease and agreed that this is a great meal to serve the entire family, just tune down the chili used for the kiddos! Get your sexy with this quick but tasty salad!

For the full recipe, here’s the LINK

Make sure you watch till the end because we have a surprise for you!!

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