Epi 4 Part 1: Chef Fabrizio 7 Mins Workout

This week’s guest, Chef Fabrizio is well regarded in the local F&B scene having worked with a couple of 5-star hotels. He is also the founder of an app “QQChef” that brings people from the F&B industry together to build or find new business relationships or employment. Being constantly surrounded and seduced by good food and wine, Chef Fabrizio recognises the imminent need to stay fit and healthy. Besides a great sense of energy, this Italian also brings to my show humour and charm. Watch till the end to see if I managed to kick his ass into motion!!

The 7 minutes workout we did comprised of:
High Knees
Tuck Jumps
Burpee with Push Up
Mountain Climbers
Tricep Dip with Leg Extension
Moving Push Ups

We did each exercise for 45secs, with 15secs rest. Repeat sets if necessary. This workout helps to set your heart racing, while it tones your entire body including your arms, core and legs.

Next week, Chef Fabrizio demonstrates how to use a locally sustainable fish – the Spanish Mackerel, and transform it into a restaurant-worthy healthy dish. Don’t miss it!!

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