Epi 7: Part 2 – Addictive Zucchini Muffins

Cindy, a corporate high flyer and mum, wanted a recipe that is quick to whip up, yet wholesome and tasty for her little toddler. Elodie at 1 year old, is starting to experiment with solid food, and practising her fine motor skills and fingers dexterity. These mini-sized muffins allows her to feed herself and eat with her hands. In the show, you will see how Elodie tries to grab these piping hot tasty muffins so make sure you cool them down properly first before serving.

These muffins are also packed with hidden vegetables!! Here we used grated zucchini but you can also add chopped kale and spinach in them. The bacon and cheese adds the delicious aroma and flavour. Experiment with different cheeses to get your child used to different flavours.

Served with some fresh green salad, these muffins will make a great meal for the adults too. Also a great snack and so picnic-worthy!! Try making these and you will see that they will appeal to just about anyone!! And did I mention that while these are baking in the oven, be aware of the most aromatic wafts filling up your kitchen!

Recipe link here!

It had been a fun yet hard working 14 weeks, presenting you these 14 episodes for Season 2. I hope you have enjoyed watching them, and I would like to know which episode is your favourite? Or let me know what you would like to see more in the next season. Meanwhile, enjoy the summer holidays!

Steffles xo

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