“No time” Exercise! (Jump Rope / Skipping)

No time!

No stock!

No go!

We are frequently inundated with excuses. I know we all lead an extremely active, busy and constantly multi-tasking life but find exercise hard to fit into our jam-packed schedules. But it has to start with the desire to transform, the commitment to be fit and with that desire you would carve out the time.

Anyway, this post is not about how to manage your time. Its about the type of exercises you can do when strapped for time. Being a new mother or a busy career woman can be an arduous task and extremely demanding. But I find skipping the best way to get my cardio workout. I remembered the first time I skipped, I couldn’t synchronize the 2 feet jump with my arms and instead each jump was loud and clumsy. After 10 skips, I surrendered with a pool of sweat where I could see my own sad reflection. The trick is to just move your wrist and do baby skips, with practice I am sure you will be good in no time. Today I can skip 30 minutes with different variations.

Skipping is perfect when you are house-bound with the kids.

Skipping is travel-friendly!! Bring it everywhere you go and skip in your hotel room!

Skipping is a good warm up before interval training.

Skipping is great cardio exercise to keep the heart rate going.

Skipping is calories blasting!

6 easy variations to jump rope:

1. Basic one hop – the missionary of the skipping position 🙂 Keep both feet together, with small wrist movement, jump lightly with each rope swing. The most common method.

2. Alternating jumps – feeling a little adventurous, jump from one foot to another

3. One foot jump – getting frisky now? Hop on one leg for 10-50 reps each, and alternate to the other. This is good core exercise to practice your balance, strengthening your calves.

4. Side straddles – heating it up with straddles! Split your legs and jump back with each swing!

5. Front straddles – by now, you know what you want so its time to lead. Jump forwards with both feet and jump backwards.

6. Running in place – its getting hot in here so lets intensify the workout by going faster and higher. Kick your knees up as high as you can and make it sweat for the finale!!


Now if you are getting so good and agile and the above variations bores you….time to do the Double Under (mine is still under construction so no video for you). Swing the rope twice in ONE jump. That’s like the “helicopter” of the Kamasutra. If you can do it, either the skipping type or the cheeky other, please let me know. I would like to pat you on the back!! 🙂

Last I heard, a jump rope is only SGD2 from the Daiso Shop. Lets all get roped in!!

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