TV first episode with Sophie!

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. Winston Churchill

Last time this year, I failed to be the final 12 contestants shortlisted for Masterchef Asia. I was gutted.

Earlier this year in February, I failed to be chosen to be an indoor cycling instructor in one of Singapore largest gyms. My goal shattered.

Somehow, somewhat I pushed on.

Today, I am excited about launching the first episode of my new Fitness and Food show, its been a few months of research and hard work. Many times I have taken a few steps back in order to move a step ahead. I have learned so much and still learning about social media, editing, vlogging and filming equipment. Along the way, I have met many interesting and helpful people. Its been an enriching experience, to say the least. I want to thank my wonderful collaborators for making this a possible feat.

Having a terribly supportive husband helped too. Holding a property consulting job, juggling the kids, cooking and entertaining, embarking on a new career and still sticking to my own fitness schedule would not have been possible without my hubby’s help. He took over kids duties on weekends where I had to shoot and many times endured my rantings and curses during the late nights as I worked on my film edits. It is so important to have an understanding partner that supports you when you fail and still find the amazing love and encouragement to pick you up, and push you to follow your dreams. For that, I feel so blessed.

So it is with great glee and butterflies in my tummy, as I launch my first episode today. It is from those little failures that led to this new path. I couldn’t stop trying. I put all my energy, love and soul into it and I hope you will all support my channel and subscribe to stay tuned.

I first met Sophie more than a decade ago, while we were both still wild and free. I have always liked her zest for life and her gorgeous smile, and her passion for dance. She is one of the few people I know that teaches exotic dancing while holding a full time corporate job. A couple of years ago, Sophie left her corporate job and became a full time #girlboss. Teaching exotic dancing and now expanding her repertoire to yoga and pilates, this girl really knows her stuff and her classes are highly sought after. So it is with great pleasure to introduce this young funky lady in TV inaugural show and I am grateful to her for trusting me on this journey.

In the show, Sophie and I demonstrated the #3minsplankflow, which we believe, if done correctly everyday for 7 days will help you kickstart your fitness journey to get toned and nice arms, strong core and sexy legs. The 3 minutes flow is a non-stop repertoire of planks, downward facing dogs and push ups, there is really no excuse not to do it, as it only takes 3 minutes of your day. Why not start this as a morning routine before work? Or after work before your shower? Now that we have shown you how to do it, we hope you will commit a time to do it.

For a complete word for word, pictorial tutorial, please go to Sophie’s website

For a video tutorial, check out this link HERE.

For the 7 days #3minsplankflow challenge, follow us on IG @cuteyogapants and or on my FB page and tag a friend!

If you can’t get enough of Sophie and wants to attend her classes, check out her contact details on her website:

In the second part of the show, Sophie has asked me to give her a recipe that is quick, easy to make and uses only 5 ingredients. So I created the Spicy Beef Quinoa Patties recipe for her. If you are not a fan of beef, you can also substitute it with chicken or pork. It is such an easy recipe to attempt, but yet tastes delicious. It can also be prepared ahead and freeze for your weekly meal preps.

Stay sexy peeps and smile always!

Leave us comments if you love the plank flow or the recipe, or just say hello!

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