Episode 4: Iwa & One Pot Wonder

Do you have flabby arms? Do not fret, check out this episode where we show you how we tone our triceps up with some easy exercises. My special guest this week is yummy mummy Iwa @girlwzthedragontattoo. She is my biggest inspiration when it comes to knowing a mummy with a hot bod. My jaw dropped when I first saw here at the gym in her midriff top doing quick reps of cleans and presses with her barbells. She has a ripped core, toned arms and legs that goes on forever. I was smitten, not in a sexual kinda way but the respect and admirable I have for this woman with 2 kids. I started BodyPump classes and Kettlebell trainings, my first go at using weights, inspiring to be like her.

So it is with great pleasure to have my idol on this show with me today. Iwa has been doing BodyPump classes for the last 10 years and has a LesMills certificate in BodyPump. Watch some of the easy Triceps workouts you can do at home. If you lack dumb bells at home, grab a heavy book or a 1.5L bottle instead (or as a friend pointed out, a Magnum bottle could work too!).

In the second part, I showed Iwa a simple dish she can make at home for her family. She hates cooking so this One Pot Wonder is perfect for that, as she is only required to use 1 pot, and all the ingredients are thrown into it for ease of cooking. I created this Mediterranean inspired stew with an Asian twist, adding cumin and chili flavours. For the (Spicy) Mediterranean Chicken Sausage One Pot Wonder recipe, check it out here.

Get your sexy.


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