1 on 1: Filming with Zak

I wanted to make this more personal and write about my vlogging experience with each of my guest.

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I have been fortunate. The day I decided to venture into advocating for women’s healthy via a new YouTube channel, I spoke to a lot of people. This helped with garnering the guests you see on my TV show. Each one of them is specially selected for their talent and chemistry we will have on-screen, each of them willing to collaborate with me voluntarily, and each of them lending their personality into my show.

Now, “magic” Zak!


I met Zak through L.T, a girlfriend recently relocated back to Singapore after a few years in Beijing. I have always admired L.T. – a single successful lady with an extremely fit toned physique. It came as a surprise to me, to know she owns Core Studio in Pandan Valley Condominium. I have been telling LT about my show and my quest for collaborators. She offered Zak, a cheeky and fun Personal Trainer from her gym. Zak was all ears and has been on screen in his past life as a dancer so he wasn’t camera shy. He was also fun and very co-operative. We had a lot of fun shooting and filming. LT came along and did a couple of “behind the scene shots”, also providing lots of constructive feedback during the film on our angles and script (which is all off the calf, nothing scripted).

Zak was the second person I filmed, on a camera that doesn’t belong to me and has a spirit of her own. When I checked the footages after on the big screen, I realized some of the shots we did were blurry. Hesitantly, I called up LT and told her the bad news. LT and Zak never hesitated to offer a reshoot, and off we went again. Another 5 hours of their time, at my disposal. I knew then, I couldn’t disappoint them with the outcome. I have to make sure everything from the edits to the launch goes well.

Now about the recipe. Zak wanted a local dish and I am happy to oblige with this blog offering Asian-influenced recipes. It wasn’t easy creating a healthy yet easy Soto Ayam recipe, and yet still punch high on flavours and taste. My recipe tries hard not to use too much oil, by shredding the skin off the chicken and using water to arrest the rempah, and substituting carbs with Zoodles (spiralized zucchini) and lots of vegetable toppings.

Zak was very at ease in the kitchen. He loves cooking and has his own version of “mee soto”, a recipe handed down by generations but yet he humoured me with my healthier version. There was very little guidance required for Zak and he took the instructions well. The only thing that he found a bit intimidating was the spiralizer! I nearly tricked him there! Haha.

It was such an enjoyable filming session, in fact, sessions considering we have to reshoot twice. Will be happy to have “Magic” Zak back on screen with me again and perhaps show me a couple more snazzy dance moves!! 😉

Find out more about Core Studio and Zak’s bootcamp here.

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