Episode 3: Daniel & Keto Pavlova!

This week’s special guest is Daniel, an Aussie IT professional who is an ultra marathoner and gym rat. Find out what exercises he does to get strong admirable biceps. For the ladies, these exercises could inspire to you to get toned sculpted arms. Lifting weights, despite what you think doesn’t bulk you up. If using low weights with high repetitions, it would help give you that rockstar arms most yearn for!

Daniel is on a Keto-diet. Keto means he is on a really low carbs diet. You’ll think that means no dessert but hey, there’s always an alternative. Fit_Trex towers in my kitchen and storms around making a Keto Pavlova using low carbs tropical fruit. Find out how to make a meringue without using sugar and what are the local tropical fruit that has low carbohydrates! For the full recipe, Here.

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