Epi 1 Part 1: Stephen Langdown’s Self Defense For Women

Welcome to Episode 1 of Season 2! My special guest is Stephen Langdown, a MMA Pro Fighter Champion and Personal Trainer. In this episode we take a break from fitness to show you some preventive and self defence tips every woman should know.

We are frequently walking with our nose buried in our phones. But when you are in a foreign country or find yourself in an insecure area, this show will remind you of some preventive measures you can take to avoid being a victim of crime. However, if you are ever in an ugly situation where you are grabbed, we assimilated a couple of self defence tips you can try to save yourself. The moves are pretty easy but very effective, and I had fun practising these life saving skills with my daughters who are 8 and 10 years old respectively,

If you are looking for a Personal Trainer to take your fitness to a new level, Stephen provides both online and personal services. He can be contacted on www.stephenlangdown.com and while you are there, check out his impressive championship fighting videos!

This season I am breaking up the show into 2 parts, namely Part 1 for Fitness, and Part 2 for Food, cooking healthy with an Asian twist. Can this Martial Art Champ cook? Lets find out in the Food episode next week! Thanks for all your love, kindness and support.

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