Epi 1 Part 2: Stephen Langdown cooks Miso Flank Steaks & Salad

Stephen Langdown is cooking!! This martial arts champ claims he can’t cook to save his life. Lets find out on this episode if this is true!! And watch till the end to hear what he thinks is SEXY!!

We go to Japan to explore some flavours in this episode. Miso marinated Flank Steaks served with Rainbow Salad and Japanese Soy Sesame dressing.

Flank steaks is a beef cut that is reasonable in price and takes to marinades very well. The miso marinade not only tenderises but adds a perfect earthy tone to its robust beefy flavor. Grilled just medium and cut perpendicular to its grains, its tender in texture and tasty as hell 🙂

And steak without any salad is just not healthy hey?! So find out how to make a delicious Soy Sesame dressing that would go with most variety of salads. Double up the recipe and keep them in tight-lid jar in the fridge for future uses.

For the full recipes;

Miso Flank Steaks:

Japanese Soy Sesame Dressing:

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