Episode 1: Sophie and Spicy Beef Quinoa Patties

Welcome to the first show of Season 1 where we have gorgeous and talented Sophie. This show caters to busy women or mums who has little time but wants a quick workout or recipe to cook.

We will start with Sophie showing us a #3minsplankflow which is a good workout for stronger arms, core and legs. Only 3 minutes for a good whole body workout – no excuse not to get fit 🙂 For the complete step by step plank flow, check out the full video

For Sophie’s word for word guidance, check out her page HERE.

For the food part, we will be making a recipe using only 5 ingredients, great for busy lifestyles. Let us show you how to make Spicy Beef Quinoa Patties, that uses Asian spices and local spinach “Puay Leng”.

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Stay sexy and smile always xo

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