Epi 3 Part 1: Flo’s 7mins Chair Workout

Florence (Flo) @honey_melayaswiss, my guest this week from Switzerland co-owns and operate an organic bees farm (Melaya Honey) with her hubby, a mum of 3 beautiful kids and she makes delicious home cooked meals! She leads a really hectic lifestyle being an entrepreneurial mum! After putting the children to bed, she usually slumps back in the couch to relax. Does that sounds familiar to you? However, Flo wants desperately to get her pre-pregnancy body back. I asked her to join me with some chair exercises to strengthen and tone up her core while she catches up on the news or her favourite Netflix series. As you know, most mummies are good with multi-tasking 😉

This 7 minutes exercise will race your heart beat and make you sweat. More importantly, work towards a stronger core!

Our routine as follows:
Jump Squats or Squats
Left Leg Front and Back Lunges
Right Leg Front and Back Lunges
Plie with 8 pulses
Chair Crunch or Side by Side Knee Sweeps
Incline Hip Twist
Supported Side Plank Crunch

Next week, Flo will show us how to make a delicious chicken using beer and honey! Stay tune for more!!

If you are keen to find out more about Flo’s honey, check out www.melaya.ch.

If you are in Singapore, the online store is available on www.melaya.com.sg. Use promo code milff5% from 23 March 2017 to 30 April 2017 to enjoy 5% off all products.*promo valid in Singapore only

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