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1 on 1: Filming with Iwa

Iwa, like I have mentioned in my video introduction has been my secret gym idol for awhile. We met through mutual friends and have had a couple of play dates together as her girls are a close age to mine but I never knew she was a gym junkie and particularly a Body Pump fan. I signed up at Fitness First in Paragon on 21 May 2015 because I was tired of exercising on my own. I am never the sort that requires peer presence to motivate me to work out, my sheer determination to reach a goal ...

Asian Salsa, served cold

I love salsa. When I am tired of eating salads, a salsa can really spice up the flavors. Here's my version, again using lots of Asian herbs and a twist on the dressing using homemade Thai Sweet Chili Sauce. For the salsa ingredients, you can add whatever you want in there - be creative and good way to use up pantry ingredients!