1 on 1: Filming with Iwa

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Iwa, like I have mentioned in my video introduction has been my secret gym idol for awhile. We met through mutual friends and have had a couple of play dates together as her girls are a close age to mine but I never knew she was a gym junkie and particularly a Body Pump fan.

I signed up at Fitness First in Paragon on 21 May 2015 because I was tired of exercising on my own. I am never the sort that requires peer presence to motivate me to work out, my sheer determination to reach a goal is motivation enough. But when I spent 5-6 times a week working out on my own for 2 years, I needed a change of scenery and routine. I have never done much group classes either so was a bit lost in the first month until I met Iwa at the gym.

Firstly I was couldn’t stop staring at her body. This yummy mummy of two is ripped! She blames it on good genes but I know she puts in the drill and watches her diet diligently. She became my focus of aspiration, to get a more defined body frame and I too became a Body Pump fan. So twice weekly now, every Mondays and Thursdays is where you will find me doing 2 classes consecutively – Body Pump followed by RPM Indoor Cycling right after.

When I first approached Iwa about appearing on my show, she was supportive from the start. I am so grateful to her for believing in me but mostly I was just excited to have my idol on TV! With her easy going personality, I also knew we would have lots of fun on set, and we did!

The exercise bit was the easy part for Iwa. But she was rather nervous with the cooking as she never liked cooking. So I made sure the recipe was easy, something she could make for her family if she ever needs to be in the kitchen. We laughed, we gossiped about our husbands and fret over the local school system while we filmed and cook and that put her at ease. Mostly, we had fun.

I had Iwa at mines for 2 more subsequent “reshoots” over technical issues and she always obliged. So it is with great pride to launch this episode with her after all the time we have put in.

Check out Iwa’s triceps and the easy One Pot Wonder recipe by clicking HERE.

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