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Rainbow Salad with Hummus Avocado Dip / Dressing

There's always a story behind a new recipe creation. This one is inspired by 2 events. Firstly a hostess that 's trying her best to be on a Paleo diet but wanted more Asian familiar recipes, and secondly, the plantbased foodporn feeds I have been getting on my IG account. Presenting vegetables in a variety of colours can be a real turn on I reckon. So here you go.

No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies

I love experimenting! Faddish or not, it creates excitement. We all need an injection of fun in an otherwise boring week. Just like in relationships, we need to keep evolving to stay present. This recipe was my first venture into Paleo dessert. I can't believe how easy it is to make these until I tried it, and even better to know that they are healthy and tasty too. Never been a fan of dates but when blended with nuts and chocolates, it miraculously transformed into DILE (Dates I ...

Chicken Cashew with Basil

Nothing like a hot summer night digging into flavorful and smooth breast, chicken ones of course, smothered in anise- and licorice-like basil and chili, topped with crunchy cashews! This recipe is paleo friendly and gluten free.


Don’t get me started on soups. There’s something soothing about a bowl of warm broth, especially if its filled with nourishing ingredients. I get weak in the knees for soup of all kinds. Soup is also one of my clean eating meals, its light but fills me up mostly with liquid so I don’t feel heavy afters, but hunger pangs fully satiated. We are lucky with so many choices of local soups available in Asia. This soup recipe is known as Soto Ayam in Indonesia or Mie Soto here,...

Keto Pavlova with Tropical Fruit

Yes, even if you are on a strictly low sugar/carbs Keto diet, you can still have your dessert and eat it too. Pavlova always get people estactic with its grand appearance topped with an array of colourful fresh fruit. Yes its a light fruity dessert to serve, always reminding me of a summer BBQ where both kids and adults gather around for a slice of this famous Aussie dessert. This version, although keto in nature, still screams the same eat me and savor me number but a lot sexier ...