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Chicken Cashew with Basil

Nothing like a hot summer night digging into flavorful and smooth breast, chicken ones of course, smothered in anise- and licorice-like basil and chili, topped with crunchy cashews! This recipe is paleo friendly and gluten free.

Spicy Beef Quinoa Patties or Meatballs

This recipe uses only 5 main ingredients! Low in carbs and gluten-free, using locally ingredients and Asian spices where possible makes this a unique but tasty dish to make. Depends on your mood, you can make it into meatballs for starters or as patties for a mains or sandwiched between lettuce leaves or buns as a burger. Quick to make and you can roast them in the oven, grill them on a BBQ or pan fry them on the stove top! Get cooking now!

Tom Kha Mussels

This soup always get people moaning with pleasure. That makes it my favourite go-to soup to start my dinner party on the right note! :) Why Mussels? Inspired by the popular Tom Kha Gai recipe, I gave it a unique twist serving this with fresh mussels instead. The soup base is tangy and sweet, slightly creamy and perfect with this shellfish. We have abundant fresh locally farmed mussels from Singapore (one of the few fresh produce locally available here in this tiny country) and ...