Episode 5: Penny and Fern Tips Grated Coconut Salad

Welcome to magical Bali!

When I was in Bali for a holiday recently, I managed to meet up with a vivacious spunky lady who owns and founded Bali Asli – a gem of a restaurant serving authentic Balinese cuisine, perched on a hill overlooking Mt Agung with panoramic views of rice terrace fields!

I am delighted to introduce Chef Penny to you on this episode. We had so much fun working up a sweat in the beautiful water palace gardens of Tirta Gangga and obviously garnered up a crowd to watch a pair of blonde-asian chicas jumping, kicking, and panting!!

We showcased a plyometric 7 minutes exercise routine inspired by Insanity workouts – we did each exercise for 45secs, rested for 15secs. If you do this high intensity training right, like I do for 3 sets in 30 minutes (with 5 mins rest in between sets) I burn up to 300 calories. This routine is not for beginners but more for the intermediates. Though there is easier variation shown for each workout. Alternatively, if you are a newbie you can try the easier version by working up the reps;

Beginner variation:
5 Walking lunges
5 Box Walk up and down
10 Squat turn around
15 Push ups and side crunches (knees down)
10 Glute Kickbacks and Leg Curls (knees down)
5 Crossbody and Wide Mountain Climbers (knees down)
5 Plank side by side ski crunch (instead of jumps)

If you feel like you still have energy to spare after the 1st set, try a 2nd set after.

Of course, this show is not complete without the cooking sensation! Chef Penny showed me a popular Balinese salad recipe using fresh Fern Tips with Grated Coconuts and Beans. In Chef Penny’s kitchen, all the works are done traditionally with a wood fired kitchen and mortar pestle. Watch us flex our arms and heighten our senses in her kitchen surrounded by a stunning view!!

For the full recipe CLICK HERE.

Bali Asli is offering 15% discount off their culinary adventure “A day in the life of a Balinese lady” – more details HERE.

More information on Bali Asli

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