Epi 5: Part 1 – Angelica 7 Booty Exercises

I am joined by fellow MILFFs in this episode!! Meet gorgeous Angelica and Zaffy, like minded Mums In Love with Fitness and Food! Angelica is the founder of 2Bfit.sg, a fitness company specialising in Personal Training programs for mummies getting back into shape. As a mother herself, she understands the post partum struggles we have with our body so she designs fitness and food programs that helps to restore body confidence and get our sexy back.

In this show, Angelica showed Zaffy and me “7 Booty Exercises” to get a perky butt and sexy toned legs. You can do each exercise for 45 secs, rest 15 secs. Only 7 minutes of your time altogether.

Trust me, your butt and thighs will get sore by the end of this workout, if you do it properly like we did!! (Coincidentally, if you have all our name initials together, it reads A, S, Z – just the perfect acronym for this show, how ass-citing!! Haha)

Next week, join these hot mamas again as they dish up an easy but sexy Thai Mango salad with Pan Fried Snapper in a makeshift outdoor kitchen.


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