Riding Makes my Crotch Hurts – Truth or False

The answer is obvious. For any beginner, any kind of riding whether its the bike type or the horse type or anything attempted for the virginal time would hurt. But please don’t give up, as pleasure comes with experience 🙂

There are a few reasons why most first time bikers experience crotch pain after a cycling workout. I have provided these tips to many beginners and most claimed they have helped:

Do not hug your bum on the saddle. If you have the right cycling position your bum is pushed slightly back, but not heavy on the saddle. Most of your body weight should be on your core and thighs.

When doing jumps in and out of saddle, make sure you never land heavily back into your saddle. Use your core and thighs/legs to softly ease you back into the saddle.
Practice just hovering above the saddle and landing softly back, using your legs as support and hold your belly in.
After you get through the discomfort phase, indoor spinning is such a great fitness workout and a lot more fun combined with a great choreo and music playlist. I got into spinning in the early 2000 and cycled throughout my pregnancy. During that time, it is almost unheard of let alone to see a heavily pregnant woman exercising or cycling her heart and belly out, literally speaking 🙂

If you have not tried, please give it a go. Music is key and a good instructor who can put an enjoyable upbeat playlist with effective choreo and coaching is a champ. So find that class and that instructor (ask around!) and give it a try. And if that still doesn’t motivate you, here’s 5 reasons more:

1. A sculpted butt that will be the envy of others. Cycling works your gluteus maximus with all the resistance standing climbs! Say goodbye to flabby middle age butts and hello to twenty-something ones 🙂

2. Sexy legs and calves. When someone noticed your butt, their eyes will start to wander down to your thighs, legs and calves and you will want them to see consistency. Toned and sculpted. But if you are the hairy type, book an appointment with your Wax or IPL therapist as those legs are gonna get noticed a lot more when you start cycling!

3. Cardiovascular training. Get your heart rate up and pump endorphin into your body. I always feel a million bucks after a good workout, I stand straighter (with a perkier butt) and oozes confidence.

4. Pumping music. Discovering new music and tracks with each class. Expanding my repertoire of music library and staying current.

5. Pelvic muscles your lover will thank me for. Now here’s a tip only a mother could tell you. While you are hovering on the saddle and cycling away working your quads, you will also be squeezing your pelvic muscle while keeping your core engaged. Keep those inner muscles agile and flexible and you will keep your partner happy!

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