Spartan 45 mins Workout Part 3

AROO!! Here’s more option on training.

Let me just say this, after a full day of indoor cycling course on Sunday, my legs were not as co-operative this morning. No double classes today as I focus full gear on my Spartan Super, which race is in 2 weeks’ time.

How lucky/unlucky am I when I found out there’s only 2 participants today but @zaffyam stopped midway for an errand and then I had the full attention of Ryan. Boy. Good thing the audio is off, but I have not cursed so much for a long time. The F word was used several times in vain, my body is just F*ing tired but I finished the 45 (what felt like the longest) minutes ever. There was no fast forward used in this video. The speed level was bloody real. Real. And bloody hell it was.

45 secs Alternative Burpees
45 secs KB swing
45 secs side by side Deadlifts and walk
45 secs Core Bag side to side press
45 secs Battle Rope low alternating waves
250m thread mill Sprints

Repeat set x 4!!

Finisher: 250m row

Summary: felt like dying

Feel free to cheer me on (I need it) or give me tips!

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