Being on Top Turns Me On… Wilson Trail Stage 1

The stunning vista to make this climb worthwhile, but all we got was this board....

The stunning vista to make this climb worthwhile, but all we got was this board….

If you, like me love being in control and curating the end goals of your desires then maybe you should read on 🙂 Mountain or hills are often viewed as phallic symbols, of great strength and therefore hard to conquer. So the feeling of having conquered one, one step at a time, huffing and panting but always focusing on the end goal is worth climbing to the peak elated and orgasmic. Enjoying the views from atop is always a reward and knowing you have worked your calves, thighs and butt muscles will be the post-workout treat 🙂

Sometimes its worth panting and puffing....

Sometimes its worth panting and puffing….

So while in Hong Kong this recent trip, I seek out 2 trails. The first trail was the supposedly very difficult Wilson Trail Section One, which goes over Twin Peaks and Violet Hill. Twin Peaks is also known as 1000 steps with most on stairs and about 30% on trail.  Elevation is about 436m. If you start your walk up from Stanley, it is hell from step 1 as you begin your ascend of 1000 steps (up and down).

Take it slow and steady and you would reach the first submit with an amazing vista to boost. You could see the entire south of HK and its surrounding isles. Such beauty. Unfortunately, the day we hiked was misty as hell so bummer we didn’t get any views from the summit. We found 2 Kettlebells though and for a second I was tempted to pick it up and swing!!

More balls to play with at the submit....

More balls to play with at the submit….

After the balls (and views), you would descent a little and climb some more. The views would continue to captivate but as we had a misty day, we soldiered on instead of taking photos. Sometimes the trek seemed almost surreal surrounded by fog and little visibility, making it dreamy and mysterious.

Alas, at the end of Twin Peaks, we made a wrong detour! Instead of heading to Violet Hill, we ended up at Tai Tam Road cutting across the Tai Tam Country Reservoir and Park, which was really a blessing in disguise as we were welcomed by views.

Trails are the best..... getting down and dirty!

Trails are the best….. getting down and dirty!

Cool crisp air continues as we cross rivers and trails deeper into the country park and as we emerged, we were greeted by skyline-silver, peaceful reservoir with bright orange hues of rugged ridges and rolling hills in the distance. The water was so calm it cast a perfect reflection of the surroundings. Basked in nature and barely other hikers, it’s bewildering to me there is this calmer part of Hong Kong I have only discovered. By this stage I am turned on again, breathing in this beautiful scenery.

Stunning isn't it?

Stunning isn’t it?

In the end we covered about 6km, over 400m of elevation and took a bus back from Tai Tam Road to Stanley Bus Terminal. Can’t recommend this hike enough, I will return and repeat the hike and this time to include Violet Hill, and hopefully be blessed with a clear day for picture-taking 🙂

Tai Tam Reservoir, more serenity...

Tai Tam Reservoir, more serenity…

And best of all, anyone can hike no matter your fitness level. Just take it slower, one step at a time. I was so proud of my hike buddy Clara, who kept a close distance to me and never complaint.

Trying to blend in with nature, you think?

Trying to blend in with nature, you think?

Starting Point: Stanley Gap Road – More hiking information on how to get there here

Wanna read about my second trail? Check out the next post! This time I was accompanied by 5 other gorgeous ladies with finesse and similarly amazing vistas to boost. It would be hard to focus – the girls or the views…. 🙂

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